Frequently asked questions

How much is shipping?

Our Makers Bounty offers free delivery to Peterborough and some of the surrounding area. There is a $5 delivery fee to Durham Region and a $8 delievery fee to the GTA.

When is my credit card charged and when does my order ship?

Your credit card will be charged on the day you subcribe. Subcriptiion cut off day is the last day of each month to recieve the next months bounty box. We delivery between the !4th and 16th every month. We will send out an email to let you know when to expect us.

What can I expect every month?

Every month will be a surprise! You will recieve 6-8 wide varitey items of local homemade tasty treats that will be created with a seasonal flavour every month.

I don't want my fresh food to go bad before I have a chance to eat it all.  What should I do?

You can freeze anything you think you may want to eat later. Remeber to keep open preserves in the fridge!

Can I customize my order?

That is our job (and our favourite part)! We choose our most popular and classic recipes then curate the bounty boxes with you and the best of the seasonal flavours in mind.

How do I add a personal gift message?

You can, contact us via email with your message and we will relay it for you.

Do you accept returns?

Unfortunately we do not accept returns. But if you’re not satisfied with your order please contact us at info@missgrove.com so we can resolve any issues you might have. We will be packing and delivering our bounty boxes ourselves, so we feel confident that all the goods will be intact.

If I want to cancel my year subscription before the year is through, do I get a partial refund?

Sorry, but you do not. Makers Bounty will continue to ship out the remainder of your year subscription and will not be renewed for the coming year.

I have more questions, how do I contact you?


Allergy Disclaimer

Our kitchen has nuts and gluten, we do not encourage those with allergies to put themselves at risk for the sake of tyring our delicious goods.

I would like to place my products in a bounty box.  How do I do that?

We love the sound of that! Contact us info@missgrove.com

If I don't like a particular item in the bounty box, can I exchange it?

No, unfortunately you can not. We are confident with our recipes and menu items we put together every month. A great idea would be to share with a family or friend, let them see and taste our products as well!

I live in one of the districts that you charge a delivery fee for, any chance you could wave the fee for me?

YES! If you live or work in a building that would require a delivery fee, get your neighbours, coworkers or friends on board. We will deliver fee of charge to any building that puts together a minimum order of 12 bounty boxes.